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About London Futsal league

London Futsal League (LFL) was born as a way for people to find a space to play and create a community around futsal in London. Around 2015 a group of friends was looking for an environment to play their favourite sport. They were coming from places where futsal is already very popular such as Spain, Portugal or Brazil, but little they expected they would quickly be embraced by the already growing futsal movement in London. Since then, National and regional level futsal teams such as Profutsal, Newham Futsal, London International Futsal Club or, St John’s Futsal, Barnet Futsal or London United have taken part in the many seasons.

LFL has consolidated itself as a reference League in the Greater London area, and is now working hard on providing more people the option to play casual games, friendly matches designed for those who are not looking to commit for a futsal League.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


We strive to offer futsal and football enthusiasts the most affordable and convenient options to play the game with other enthusiasts.


To become a leading space where people go to enjoy sports.

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